Welcome To The Good Life

Honestly, I know married life is no picnic. But that doesn't make it any less awesome. I love the fact that we have a future together. That by facing it together as a team so many more things are available to us.

It would be VERY nice if making the condo a more livable space with everything in it's proper place and NOT stacked on the bed & in the closet of the spare room.

All in good time!

Oh! And if you're interested in some wedding pictures be sure to check out our webpage: The.Duffyz


All I Want For Christmas Is...

I know. Christmas isn't about 'GETTING STUFF'. I know more than most how true it is that it's better to give than to recieve. But let's face it. We no longer live in a Christian nation but rather a consumer nation. People are more interested in things than the truth.

Also, even if it's better to give to someone else than to recieve a present yourself doesn't mean you don't want to recieve some awesome presents.

Finally, if I write them all down I can't forget them myself! So here we go... my top ten list:

#1 - Russell Peter's new 'Red, White, and Brown' CD/DVD combo - Russell Peters is a super funny comedian. There is a ton of his stuff on Youtube so you can check him out yourself.

#2 - Red vs Blue: The Bloodgulch Chronicles Complete Box Set - This is a kewl show made using the Halo video & voiceovers to create a hilarious show. Also worth a peek on Youtube. The site lets you download low res versions a few episodes at a time. But the full set in HD is WAY better!

#3 - Slam Nation - A DVD chronicalling the 2005 National Poetry Slam competition. It pits Saul Williams against Taylor Mali. Bucketloads of hot sauced word awesomeness!

#4 - Brisingr by Christopher Paolini - It's the 3rd book of the Inheritance Cycle, an adventure series about dragons, elves, dwarves, & magic. The books are well written and really draw you in.

#5 - His Story My Shoes by Precise - A christian hop hop artist from the Shaolin Projects of Staten Island (same area as the Wu-Tang Clan). His flow and rhymes skills are outstanding and outmatched only by his passion to follow Jesus.

#6 - Season 1 of Lost on DVD - For those who don't know it's a dramatic serial about a bunch of people who plane crashed on this island in the south Pacific where they find abandoned scientific facilities, strange people who live there, voices whispering in the jungle, and a monster made of smoke.

#7 - Season 3 of Lost on DVD - Since I already have Season 2 and Season 4 hasn't come out yet!

#8 - Listener & Dust - Just In Time For Christmas - Another awesome Christian hip hop CD

#9 - Beat Rabbi & Deepspace5 - DeepSpace5oul - A hip hop worship CD by a crew of amazingly talented Chritian hip hop artists.

#10 - Realistikk - The Real - This female MC holds it down with tight rhymes & flow, deep topics, but with an edge to it. Be sure to cop be 1st disc 'Secular Stress' if you can.