I Believe ... in God

I believe in God.

But I was once an atheist.  Well, technically, I was an agnostic with atheistic tendencies.  What I mean by agnostic, is that I believed there was no way to know for sure whether or not a god, goddess, gods, or goddesses exist.  So I figured, if there is no way to know for certain, that the odds were slightly in my favour for not believing.

As my life went on that paradigm was consistently challenged by the reality I was facing.  The first crack in the foundation was the lack of purpose, and not just my own.  If there was no God then there was no purpose to my life, your life, or anything.  As I followed the logical implications of atheism, to things like purpose and morality, life became very depressing.  If life lacks purpose then why bother continuing to exist  Needless to say, I sunk into a heavy depression about this time.

However, I refused believe that the universe was some giant cosmic mistake.  It didn't feel right and it didn't match with what I saw in the world.  I saw purpose and design behind everything I saw.  First with technology like computers, cars, and bridges.  Then I saw it with society in things like families.  Finally I saw it with nature in things like seasons, the food chain, and the movement of planets and stars.  Sure there is disorder, chaos, death, and suffering in the world.  But beneath the surface there is large scale order and design.

So I realized, if the world was created with a purpose and design, then perhaps so do I.  And if I was created with a purpose and design, then I have a creator: God.

Word of the day...


Christian - A word that describes a person who believes in the deity and ascribes to the teachings of the CHRIST (of Latin Christus or Greek Christos origin.  Originally translated from Hebrew Messiah or Mashia meaning 'annointed').

PHOBE - A suffix from of the word PHOBIA of Greek origin.  Meaning a person who suffers a specific persistent, abnormal, and/or irrational fear of the preceding word.

So a Christianophobe is a person with an irrational fear or aversion to Christians.

National Poetry Month

For the uninformed, April is National Poetry Month. The idea being that

First up we have the old stoggy crew,
Focused on dictating to me & you.

But even before keyboards, pens, quills, and chisels we had a voice.

Would the real poets please stand up?

Now we have those who use the spoken word,
To espouse on things they've lived & heard.

But before rants, activisim, politics, and religion we had words.

Would the real poets please stand up?

It doesn't matter if you write on pages or rock stages,
Self-expression is beyond genres and outlasts the ages.

Now they call it freedom of speech, but watch what you say.

Would the real poets please stand up?

Please! Stand up and fight haters and their foul nonsense,
Like my man Made Wade who's stomping out ignorance.

But just because you have an opposing view
Doesn't mean I need to or ever hated on you.

Enough of this junk about who is or isn't legit.
Let's just battle, shake hands, and get over it.


I Believe

I'm thinking of starting a new series called "I Believe".  In my last post on Atheism I got ALOT of response.  But there was some confusion over terms and definitions.  I think this is due to the fact that my beliefs don't fit into the mold most people think of a Christian.  So, I figured it would be a good idea to explain myself.  To explain what I believe and why.  For that reason I will NOT be allowing comments on these posts.

This isn't an attempt to bury my head in the sand while blasting my views from the soapbox.  I love honest discussion.  But in an honest and fruitful discussion you need to understand where the other person is coming from.  And that what this series is about.  Letting you know where I'm coming from.  Agree, disagree, whatever.  I just don't want this to become some sort of horrendous debate.

That being said, I may say some things that come across mean-hearted or antagonistic.  Please don't take it that way.  I'm just saying what's on my heart and mind.  I'm not trying to attack you personally or the views you hold to be true.  I'm simply going to be explaining why I don't hold them to be true.