Floppy Disk Art

So today at work I'm cleaning off my desk and I come across a stack of floppies. First I check to see if there is anything on them I need before formatting them. Then I realize that I am NEVER going to use these again. Floppy disks useless. 1.44 MB is nothing!!! My address book file is bigger than that. And if I need something saved I can use a CD, DVD, or a flash drive.
So I'm sitting there staring at a stack of almost 20 floppies thinking to myself "There's gotta be something I can do with these other than just chuck'em". I figure someone out there has to have come with some sort of use for these other than chessy lookin' coasters.

So I spent the rest of the day surfing Google. Most of them were pretty lame: a notepad, a pencil holder, a photocube, and the worst of all... a bag made entriely of floppies. The best one I found was called Disk Combobulation. But I think my boss might get suspicious if I started trying to make that LOL.

I DID find out how to make a couple mini Star Trek ship models. I made the Enterprise (A I think) and a Klingon Bird of Prey. I'm also going to make a mobile of stapling the actual floppy part of the disks together.
If you have any cool ideas on how to use the ACTUAL floppy disk (and not just the slider) PLEASE let me know!

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