Loz: Wind Waker

So the weirdest thing happened just before Christmas. I was talking with some of the boys from the junior high group at church near the end of the first service on Sunday morning. I happened to mention that I only had a Nintendo 64 game system. They were of course flabbergasted. Most of them now have Playstation 3's or Xbox 360's while I'm still 2 generations back. In fact, one of the boys said that he has a Nintendo GameCube and a bunch of games for it that isn't going to play anymore because he just got a Playstation 3. In fact his mother had been bugging him to find a friend to give it to or she was going to throw it out in the trash.

Lo & behold, when I came out of the second service there he & his mother stood with a big bag and handed it to me. His mother said "Here you go, have a belated wedding gift" I was elated by this gift. I'm not so sure about my wife though.

Anyways, over the past month or so I've been playing the game Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. It's a pretty cool game. The controls are a little awkward at times. But overall it's a great game. After 2 or 3 plays I was able to quickly get the first 3 orbs and the master sword. I know I'm supposed to go on to the fortress to fight Ganon the 1st time. But right now I'm doing as much exploring, puzzle solving, and trading I can until I can't do anymore.

The hardest process is getting the specifics of each region on the map. I still only have 75% of the board mapped. I'm anxious to play the rest of the Zelda games for GameCube.

Now here is my main beef with gaming systems. I love to play video games. But being an adult who has many interests I can't justify spending hundreds of dollars on a system and then $40 to $60 per game when I really only want to play once every week or so and only 2 or 3 games until the next generation is out. This is what happened with N64 in my years at the end of high school & before college. I bought the system just because I wanted to play Zelda. It turned out to be an awesome game. But that's the only game I had. They only came out with one other Zelda game for 64. And I heard from many people that it wasn't very good. Plus !! I'd have buy a $40 memory expansion slot in order to play it. yeah RIGHT!

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Debbie said...

we got the Wii just after thankgiving here and dave enjoys playing and will for hours till hes beatin something.

I have been less of a player but its great that 4 can play at once and mom and dad and my sister enjoyed it for christmas.

but i so agee with the price of games and how long you play them for!

we actaully debated for a while about getting it as its not something that either of really owned or played much! ( i had the original nintendo growing up and nothing since)

but im glad you got somethign to play for free!