I my secret addiction is...

.. watching Big Brother with my wife.

Now, don't judge me! I never used to watch these reality shows. But it's one of her favourite shows and there isn't really much on TV during the summer. So when we first started dating I started watching it. Each season I get more & more into it; guessing who is going to be HoH, who are they going to put up for eviction, who will win the PoV, will they use it, & how will people vote. Then there is all the drama, scheming & double crossing.

2 things are always a constant:
1. The person I want to win always gets backdoored.
2. The person I despise the most makes it to the final 2.

That being said this year is driving me nuts. It's being ran by Jessie/Natalie. They are pulling everybodies strings. And the only person who noticed it was Casey. Next thing you know Casey is gone. It seems like Russell may have been the only one to notice this. So he put Ronnie on the block. Unfortunately this put a wedge between him and the Jessie/Natalie/Chima/Ronnie camp. But really? How long can that crew last before the trust starts to crumble?

Sure Russell is more paranoid than a teenager smoking pot for the 1st time. But he has reason to be. Russell is a competitor and this makes him a target. He also has an explosive personality. He has to know that he has big huge targets on his back. And it's getting to the point in the game where weird stuff starts happening.

Russell made an alliance with Jeff not to put him & Jordan on the block. He kept his word by putting Ronnie & Lydia on the block. This put a bit of a rift between him and the Jessie/Natalie/Chima crew. But it helped him establish trust with the rest of the house guests. During that week Michele was the swing vote in the middle. She had all the power and did the right thing by putting 'sour grapes' Ronnie out of the house.

This week Chima won HoH and put Russell and Lydia up on the block. I think Jessie/Natalie/Chima are going to try to make Russell think he's safe and then backdoor him at the end. If he wins POV they boot off Lydia (who won't win because she doesn't EVER compete). They might not be rid of Russell but they'll have enough voting power that it doesn't matter if he's not on their side.

The awesome part is that Jeff has the Coup D'etat power. This means that right before this weeks vote he can replace 1 or 2 of the people on the block. Kinda like a secret HoH. He laid low this week because it made sense. Everyone wanted Ronnie gone and it weakened the Jessie/Natalie/Chima/Russell/Ronnie group. But he has to realize that without winning any competition puts him & Jordan at risk of going home. His his best allie would be Russell. His biggest threat is Jessie/Natalie/Chima.

Jeff should quietly try to raise support that whoever wins HoH next week put Jessie & Natalie on the block and vote Jessie out. Then when the eviction ceremony happens put them up and say "Let's fast forward a week". He should be able to get Russell without a problem and he has Jordan's support no matter what. So he only needs 1 more vote to get rid of Jessie. Lydia might be an issue because she would want to vote for Natalie. Kevin would play smart though.

With Jessie gone the house will be a level playing field. Natalie & Chima will no longer be able to ride on Jessie's coattails. The real powers will be with the Russell & Jeff (plus Jordan) team. Michele will always be an unknown. She's smart and is a proven PoV winner but she lacks the social skills to form any REAL alliance.

So I'd like to see Jessie & Natalie go up and Jessie go home. After that I like to see it go like this Natalie, Chima, Michele, Kevin, Lydia, Jordan, Jeff, with Russell winning it.

Natalie is weak but she is a schemer. Chima is two faced yet easily believed by most people. Michele being an unknown is too much of a risk. Kevin is a relatively weak player. Lydia seems to have given up her spirit is broken more & more each time she goes on the block. Jordan because she is as dumb as a brick. Jeff because he's a nice guy but not as compatitive as Russell.

Since I want Russell to win and Jessie to be gone then in all likelyhood they will end up at the final 2. I think Jeff's strategy is to lay low. So as much as it pains me to say it, Jeff likely won't use his 'wizard' power. In the end his lay low strategy will be his downfall because people don't think you earned it.

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