Words Are Cheap

So I've been toying with this idea for a piece for a while.  The idea is that we are all hypocrites.  Our word is worthless and actions speak louder than words.  You can even see it in expressions like "a picture is worth a thousand words".  Instead of celebrating the creativity of language shown by poets, authors, teachers, storytellers and comedians we treat actors, directors, and sports stars as the celebrities.  The whole thing is a mirage, all image with no substance.

So here is a couple lines I threw down when the idea first came to mind:

Words Are Cheap:

Word is bond or so we say. Until circumstances get in the way.
They say one picture is worth a thousand words. And we watch TV shows
and movies with thousands of thousands of frames in high definition
So it's no wonder that words are cheap.
Movies are staffed, under production, and being marketed without a script.
I know it's still in the early stages.  I thought maybe I would share how I go through the process of writing.

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Debbie said...

it will be neat to see the creative process at work.

I love it when a blogger posts (and this is for quilts) the steps it takes to get to the final product.