Mucky Yucky Fun! (Geocache)

Today I decided to tackle a geocache that is within walking distance from my work.  I really need to get motivated with going out for walks/geocaches and I think this cache is going to do the trick.

From reading the logs previously I knew this cache was in rough shape.  A lot of people have mentioned that the container is cracked and that the log is soaked.  Since the Cache Owner (CO) hasn't been out to fix it in some time I had planned to throw together a replacement container at work.  But with some very pathetic options I decided it best to check the cache out first and then buy a suitable container.

So I grabbed a pencil, some sheets of lined paper, a grocery bag (didn't have any Ziplocs), my iPhone (with Geocaching.com app) and my my iPod.  Jamming out to some tunes I made my way to and down the path that led towards the cache.  But once I reached the end of the path it looked like I was going to have to cross creek 6 feet across and 2 or 3 deep.  I knew it was wet & muddy out but I wasn't prepared for THIS!

I took a minute to boot up the iPhone app and see where I was in relation to GZ and spotted thinner and more shallow end of the creek to cross.  It took some balancing on rocks and ducking under some branches but I made it across safe, sound, and DRY!

About 10-12 feet from the creek I met up with the original path and continued towards GZ.  When I got to GZ I knew I had to push past a couple trees to get to the search area.  Despite being an overcast day the view was still quite nice.  I had to wiggle around a ledge.  But once on the ledge the cache was easy to spot.

I pulled it the lock-n-lock out from the rocks it was half hidden under to find the other cachers had not been exaggerating.  It was busted up good: cracks in the lid, a hole in the bottom and (of course) a soaked log book.  I took out my paper and logged the find on them.  I was going to put the paper inside the grocery bag to keep it dry but there was a toy inside a plastic bag.  SWEEEET!

The walk back to work was much nicer because after crossing the creek I had noticed another path that seemed to lead back to the road without crossing ANY water.  Although I emerged with muddy boots and mucked up the back of my pants with mud spatter I'd have to say this has been my best caching experience yet.

Along with logging the cache I messaged the owner about helping out with container AND log maintenance.  My plan is to 'adopt' the cache.  This way I'll have a reason to get out for walks on my lunch hour more often.



Debbie said...

now that is a great geoadventure :)

Dave DeBaeremaeker said...

Sounds like you had a good time.

It always seems to be the way that you take the hard way into a cache, and find the easy way out.

Jenifer said...

Did the owner ever get back to you?
that's a cache I've wanted to check out and I was happy to see you had fixed it because it seems like a cool one.

Ryan Duffy said...

I never did get in touch with the CO. But based upon the logs it sounds like everything is in good order. I should prolly go for a walk during lunch soon to make sure it's ready for winter.