The Urban Cache

So far I've been doing mostly urban caches, which means mostly micros & nanos.  There are the usual suspects: light pole skirts and traffic sign magnetics.  I like the ones that are a little more inventive.

I also recently signed up for a premium membership.  The idea was to make planning caches along a roadtrip easier.  But I also get to sign up for email notifications of newly hid caches.  Mainly because I'm eager to get a FTF (First To Find) under my belt.

I was online this morning making a bookmark list for an upcoming day trip when I noticed this cache. "Hmm" I thought, "I don't remember seeing a cache in that parking lot before".

But it wasn't until I was on a completely fruitless cache run on my lunch break that I saw the email notification of a new cache. Woo hoo, I can get my first FTF. So I open the Geocaching.com app on my iPhone and load the cache. DOH! It's already been found.

But I had some banking to do after work so I swung by and figured I'd give it a shot. I got out of my car and saw a guy walking around patting everywhere and holding a GPSr in his hand. Wooohoo, my first bump in with a fellow geocacher in the wild.

We fumbled around for a few minutes before Big Zee made the find but was kind enough to offer me first to sign. We traded stories for a lil while before we each made our way home after an afterwork cache.

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Debbie DeBaeremaeker said...

good for you!

keep caching!