50 + 1


Today marks my 50th geocache find.  I know it's not a huge number considering the fact that I started 7 months ago.  But starting a new outdoor hobby at the same time as having a young baby and winter soon after that can slow one down.

I know that other geocachers tend to pick a memorable cache to do for their milestones.  Mine?  It was just a step up from a park and grab near a carpool parking lot (GCPD8T).  I chose this cache because it was hidden by a cacher in Ontario with the 2nd most finds:

I figured what better way to mark s small numbers milestone than by finding a cache hidden by someone lits TONS of them.  Who knows, maybe some of the geocaching skills will transfer on to me.  I know I know! But a man can dream!


On my way to making my 50th find I placed my first hide.  I just filled out the submission form.  So check back and I'll update this post when it's approved.  It's nothing fancy.  Just a quick P&G (park & grab).  But I thought the location was interesting.

In the next few months I plan to place many more caches.  As a matter of fact, I'm currently planning a series of caches.  So stay tuned to my blog posts with the geocaching label.


My first hide has now been published.  It's called 'Telemarketing' because there is a phone booth (a rarity these days) with all sorts of advertising stickers all over the doors.  Sadly it only has 1 find so far.  Around here once the FTF frenzy has cooled off people take their time to grab a new hide.  I think the D1/T1 rating puts people off too.  I might bump the difficulty up to a 1.5.

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Dave DeBaeremaeker said...

Milestones are always fun. Congrats! Heres to the next 50! (and many beyond that!)