Gambling For Cache

So if you check my finds lately you'll notice I've been working on a poker themed series of caches in a small town near where I work.  Well today I've finished the caches in the series and plan to do the final in under a week.

I've enjoyed this series for a couple reasons:

1. Minimal Bushwacking - this means I was able to work on it on my lunch (which has been most of my caching to date). Plus I'm traipsing burrs or anything else back into the office.

2. Size Small - as a mostly urban cacher I've learnt to endure the tiny bison tubes and itsy-bitsy-nanos. But I like the odd Tupperware container now and again. This whole series are small sized containers with a regular size for the final.

3. Butterflies - while finishing the last cache I needed for the series I wound up walking through a field of butterflies. It was awesome! I didn't take any pictures because all I had was my iPhone.

It's these type of experiences that i think are going to keep me geocaching for a while yet because, let's face it, I wouldn't have had this experience otherwise.

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