Some 'Dam Good' caching

About 2 weeks ago I got my new Magellan ToughCase in the mail.  I had been having issues with my dinosaur of a GPSr (Garmin eTrex Legend) and wanted something that would do the job but not cost me a fortune.  With the ToughCase I can now take my iPod Touch (or iPhone 3G) out geocaching!  It's a bit finicky they way it needs to be charged.  But they have taken care of the issues with working at walking speeds.  Not mention it has a tough and waterproof case.

I took it out for a lunch time cache run and it was AWESOME!  It was reading 7-10 meter accuracy and zeroing at GZ.  I did 2 cachers that lunch hour and a handful more with it since.  I even placed my first hide using it to get the coordinates.

No Dam Good

Today I went back to take some pictures of the second cache I did that day.  Because in all the excitement I forgot my camera at home.  Now my iPhone was in the car but it was COLD out!  I was lucky I even grabbed that 2nd cache.  I was on my way back to work when I pulled over because I remembered looking at the Geocaching.com map and that there was a cache near by.  I pulled out my iPod Touch app and sure enough 150 m away!

Despite being a stones throw away from a major highway the location is rather picturesque.  It was a nice easy stroll to GZ.  Once there I just had to duck a few branches.  When I grabbed the container I was surprised to pull out an ammo can!  I was surprised because ammo cans aren't very common in Canada (a small military means minimal amounts of army surplus.. besides Tupperware is cheaper!) and because the description had mentioned a first aid kit container.

The description also advised cachers to take the extra few steps and check out the now defunct dam.  I'm glad I did.  There were concrete walls diverting the water where the dam had been dismantled.  A few parts still remain.  When I went back today to take the pictures I forgot to take last time I discovered that someone has been working hard at restoring the dam.  Or rather, something.  As you can teel from these pictures it appears that there is a beaver in the area who is busy building a dam on it's own.  So what used to be 'No Dam Good' is now 'New Dam Good'.

Evidence of Beavers:

Beaver Lumber
New Dam, Good!

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